TNC Group Token withdrawal Delayed

TNC Group Token withdrawal Delayed

TNC IT Group regrets to inform that the withdrawal schedule of TNC Coin (listed as TNC Group Token) on the Aladdin Pro wallet has been delayed. The withdrawal which was initially scheduled on June 4th did not push through. And due to unprecedented events, it will soon be rescheduled.

There is no confirmed date yet for the withdrawal. However, we ensure that our technical team is striving to create an even more secure platform as we are a growing international community, being aforementioned serves as the main reason for the delay.

As a pioneer in Crypto M&A, we encourage thousands of crypto companies around the world to unite and build a grander ecosystem. With our ambitious goal, we have gained recognition from several renowned channels. We also unveiled the first batch of crypto mergers which we conducted a token swap, these are the first companies joining us in the journey of realizing our vision.

We at TNC work toward innovation and success, reasons that often lead us to unexpected situations, and, as a consequence, eventual delays in the withdrawal of the TNC Group Token. Among several reasons that led to this unfortunate event, we highlight the delay in the submission of the token swap application by our merger communities and, more importantly, a smart contract upgrade for security purposes. This upgrade will integrate new functions, such as an auto-distribution system, for the benefit of our users, our merger companies, and their respective communities.

As soon as we have a new date, the withdrawal will be announced through our official social channels. For now, we take this opportunity to announce that some milestones have been reached on this route from our listing in fourteen exchange platforms to the airdrop event that we conducted to award 10,000 lucky participants. The winners will be awarded after the announcement of the new date for the TNC Group Token withdrawal on the Aladdin Pro wallet, in order to ensure that all users have access to the same withdrawal conditions.