TNC Group CSO G.W. Lee and Executive Director Jason Jang Conducts AMA

TNC CSO G.W. Lee and Executive Director Jason Jang Conducts AMA

TNC Group’s Chief Strategic Officer Mr. G.W. Lee and Co-Founder and Executive Director Jason Jang recently conducted an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on Zoom Meetings last February 10, 2021, at 4:30 PM (GMT+4). The two answered the TNC Community’s most pressing questions and shed light on the most important matters that the TNC Team will address.

The AMA started with Mr. Jason introduced the format of the AMA and explained that users can ask their questions in the chat and they will be answering their concerns. Mr. Lee also welcomed users and encouraged them to ask their questions.

Mr. Lee also informed users that the team was working on different projects altogether but promised that after the Chinese New Year holiday we will see upward market movement.

For those who missed the AMA, here are the questions and answers that were covered:

Question 1

1.7 million people dumping the coin every day, how is the market going to recover?

The Real Research program targets institutions in need of research. When these companies use the app, they need to purchase TNC to fund the airdrop to participants. As we observed, only around 30-40% of airdrop coins are being sold to the market after the airdrops, so around 60-70% of the money injected will be only for the TNC purchase. That means that the TNC price will go up as the Real Research gets used by more companies.

Question 2

Why haven’t TNC gotten listed in big exchanges yet?

TNC is not doing direct listings. TNC is doing indirect listing. Indirect listing means that we list TNC through the merger. Merger companies were listed on the exchanges already. Therefore, we are just taking their position. So, even though big exchanges like Binance or Huobi or other big exchanges would give great value, that’s not our purpose. Our purpose is step-by-step, uniting crypto companies into one gigantic blockchain company. So, since the first batch of merger companies were listed already, we only targeted the exchanges where they were listed. Why were there originally 26 exchanges and now it’s only 13? Some of the exchanges were not able to support the TNC’s mainnet coin. Therefore, we were not able to get into those exchanges. But currently, we are working on the second and third merger groups at the contract level. After the contract is finished, we will be listed on their exchanges. One of the exchanges is Binance.

Question 3

How are we paying Real Research referrals?

Referrals are paid by TNC. It’s being paid with 10 TNC, but after today, we will give 50 TNC per referral. Those referrals are paid by the TNC company because this is our investment. This supply of TNC is coming from TNC’s pocket.

Question 4

Can we use our TNC in Buyaladdin right now?

Right now Buyaladdin is just a regular shopping app, but in the future when crypto is integrated, then TNC will definitely be there. So, you guys will be able to purchase goods and products from the Buyaladdin app with TNC in the near future. TNC will not be directly used in the Buyaladdin app. However, it will be used to purchase mileage in Buyaladdin. This is because there are many national laws prohibiting crypto. Therefore, we are converting crypto into mileage and let the mileage be used to pay for the purchases. In this set up you can get discounts of up to 20-30%.

Question 5

What about TNC burning and token unlock?

Proof-of-Merger was developed and established by TNC, and we issued 1 trillion TNC Coins. That is a very big number, but the reason why we did it is that we will be dealing with 500 crypto companies. Once 500 companies merge into TNC, we will not use 1 trillion TNC Coins. 500 billion will be for TNC operations, and 500 billion is allocated for merger companies. So, there’s 1 billion per company pre-set. The first group of mergers got the full 1 billion per swap. However, for the second and third group, it will go down by 1/10. This means that only 100 million (10%) of the 1 billion will be given to each company. 900 million (90%) will be burned. When we burn, we will send it to the burning wallet that everyone can see in the block explorer. So, the burning process is happening as we do the mergers. As more merger companies come in, more coins will go into the market. So, as the first mergers got the full 1 billion, they will get 1% to unlock instead of the 10% unlock. As for the dumping stress, TNC will take care of that.

Question 6

Why do you need a blockchain-based survey app?

We use blockchain so that all the data is transparent and recorded into the blockchain. We are also using blockchain because we are a blockchain company. Survey users will not feel the difference. Our engineer focused on usability over technology.

Question 7

Who are your target customers?

We are targeting people who need surveys. These are the Masters or Ph.D. students. We are contacting different universities around the world starting in Korea, Japan, Norway, and India. We already contacted universities and we will do this continuously so that whoever needs research data, they can use the Real Research app and they can apply for it. After our proposals, we believe that we will have a massive number of customers.

Question 8

What is the plan for TNC’s future?

TNC is trying to build a gigantic blockchain incorporated company. TNC is looking for companies with good technology, but they are not successful with the crypto market. Trading is just a small part of crypto. Crypto is actually very powerful for us to develop. We are often using the word decentralized, meaning that we will share everything. We will obtain everything together. We are a company, meaning we are also seeking for profit. Therefore, we will make money. However definitely, we will not make money by ourselves, we will try to make money together with you guys.

Question 9

What is your merger company selection process?

If you follow our newsletter or visit our website, you will see the process of the merger. First, we look at the data on Coinmarketcap and compare it with current market issues. Then, we look at their exchange users, value, and technology. After this, we investigate their company location, engineer level, and technology level. Finally, we check if it is possible for us to work with them until we can make our final decision of choosing to merge with them.

Question 10

When will Real Research see the launch of its full version?

As mentioned before, it will be at the end of February or at the latest, by the first week of March. This will be the full complete version, not a beta one. Full surveys will be launched after the release. Initially, we sent our several million proposals about the app. Primarily, we sent the proposal out to universities. They can benefit greatly from the app’s factual and transparent data.

Question 11

Can TNC help merger companies relaunch their tokens?

This is actually already happening. Edge was eager to do so as they needed their tokens to activate their server, program, and platform. They faced some obstacles earlier, but as soon as the first unlock is done, we can satisfy users and Edge token holders. Also, Edge 2 is coming, this I guarantee and I will always work with joseph and support him no matter what.

Question 12

What are your plans to make TNC value go high?

We are proposing one method. First, we must make sure the TNC value goes high in the market, and second, we must obtain, like, a large number of members. Then we can negotiate with the exchanges again. However, we can handle the market right now. Moreover, exchanges like Bitonex, Okex, and KuCoin will be recontacted again after the Real Research release. Some of these exchanges took our money when the wallet interpretation was happening. But then they backed down, they returned our money, and they canceled the listings.

Question 13

What are the reasons other exchanges are canceling TNC listings?

They were stopping the listing process, and they said that there were so many customer voices. I mean, customer messages coming in saying that TNC is not transparent. But now, negotiation with the exchanges will happen again after real research launching. This time we are asking you directly. Please support us and do not make any complaint. TNC will show the result and actual product into the market. If you help us with some positive messages on the exchanges, then we are definitely sure about that. This intensity to those exchanges will be possible.

Question 14

What do you think of TNC?

TNC is one of the biggest Blockchain-based companies in the world that invest happily into Blockchain. We know that people have been waiting for so long, but now, it’s about to turn upside down and see the market movement. I guess you will see the real benefit and actual profit through the market. It’s just around the corner. For the past month and a half, we’ve been testing Real Research. However, the necessary test that we did was the TNC market price.

Question 15

Do you know after unlocked happened, how many coins will be given to merger users?

Actually, Real Research released 20 times more amount than what you can obtain per month on exchanges. But if you look at the market, I know from 11 cents he went out to 3.4, but it is growing daily. So wait for the launch of Real Research, and you will see the dramatic growth of the TNC Price. That’s the moment that you can liquidate your coins into the market. We already know that none of you guys purchase with the exchange market, and none of you is eager to sell. It’s an unfortunate situation and a sad fact that we only hold off our coin holders who are only willing to sell, not purchase, what none of you guys have.

Furthermore, none of the Blockchain related people have trouble believing or what we can accomplish. In the initial process, we announced that we are willing to obtain 500 companies for the merger. But with our own capital power, we cannot do so. However, we are waiting for the market to be mature. Also, we are making sure the market will be ready for you to liquidate freely with the high price, not the low price.

Moreover, we promise you after the first of that period that we might change our scenario again. So you’ll sell 1% to the market. But if the price stabilizes and the market is getting better, we are willing to increase that releasing percentage 2 to 34%.

Question 16

Do you have other projects after the Real Research launching?

After Real Research launching, we do have another project called Aladdin Exchange which is a crypto exchange. If the crypto exchanges open, it will probably happen in March.

Question 17

What will be the main coin in Aladdin Pro Exchange?

TNC Coin will be the main coin of the exchange.

Question 18

Do TNC have coin holders?

Yes. We do have 1.7 million coin holders. Also, we are willing to have more participant next time. Maybe 700. And next time, 7000. We are working for you guys, and we are here for you guys. So, we’re not a scam company. Instead, we’re actually a real company. So please look at our results and look at our process.


To finalize the event, Mr. Jason thanked the audience for listening and politely asked if there are no further questions. After that, he closed the session and mentioned that he hopes to answer more questions next time.

The TNC Group has been relentlessly pursuing the goal of Uniting the Cryptocurrency World. With this goal, the team launched the Crypto M&A initiative where the team collaborates with many global organizations to join the TNC Team. Currently, the initiative is in its second phase.

Aside from the Crypto M&A, the TNC Group launched a project called Real Research. This project’s main application conducts surveys that can help different sectors to understand the community and their views and opinions on various topics. The app is currently being used by more than 1.7 million users worldwide.